CNN’s Roland Martin has meltdown over Rush Limbaugh

Because, race. Of course.

By the way, “substance abuser?” Stay classy.

Kind of proving Rush’s point there, dude. You are making everything all about race. Why call out the race of Rush’s producer? Is that a problem for you? Being that he “strayed from the plantation” and all. At least you are staying away from the homophobic tweets this time. Suspension lesson learned, huh, buddy?

Well, racism is certainly in your DNA.

Oh, dear. Honey, the Left plays the race card incessantly. All y’all see is race. Forget content of character, all you see is the color of skin.

And get a life? Who is melting down on Twitter again?

Attention-seeking pot, meet kettle. And of course you have to slam Rush’s audience as non-thinking. Just bitterly clinging rubes, right?

Maybe, unlike you Mr. Martin, Rush doesn’t feed on racial discord nor does he incite racial violence.

Twitter starts to weighs in.


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