On Monday, U.S. Senate hopeful Cory Booker proudly hit the stump with actress Eva Longoria, the 2012 Obama campaign co-chair known for her vulgar retweets about conservatives. (You know, those were the tweets she shared — and deleted — to create “dialogue.”)

But Longoria isn’t the only nasty piece of work pimping Booker’s Senate bid. A quick glance at his celeb supporters reads like a who’s who of Twitchy’s entertainment archives … and not in a good way.


Comedienne Sarah Silverman thinks joking about getting a “quickie aborsh” is as hilarious as telling Rick Santorum to “suck a d*ck.” Earlier this summer, she was spanked soundly for her pitiful walk-back of N-word tweets related to the the ranch leased by Gov. Rick Perry.

“Brave thinker” Lena Dunham likened voting for Obama to first-time sex and pissed on Memorial Day. Just yesterday she was called out by her own side for the unbearable whiteness of being a “Girls” cast member.

What was that about unbearable whiteness? Self-appointed race cop Mia Farrow is the one to ask. She’s also a huge fan of gay-baiting anyone she doesn’t like, from Justice Scalia to the Pope.

Race-baiting liar Russell Simmons is a race-baiting race-baiter. Enough said. And his lying political director Michael Skolnik is cut from the same mold.

Classy crowd, huh?

Too bad the oh-so-tolerant and loving Cher hasn’t weighed in … yet. For now, she’s keeping her laser-like focus on the “TBaggers.”

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