‘You fight for laughs. And always lose’: Sarah Silverman spanked for pitiful walk-back of N-word tweets

On Friday night, “comedienne” Sarah Silverman had an epiphany: We shouldn’t worry about pesky little words … especially when they’re her words, natch.

Earlier this week, she tweeted the N-word twice three times in an attempt to smear Gov. Rick Perry in retaliation for his unapologetic pro-life views. She deleted the tweets, but what’s that saying? Oh, yeah: Twitchy is forever.

Since blowing off the importance of words didn’t do the trick, the abortion-lovin’ Silverman moved to Plan B: Above-it-all pseudo-backpedaling in which she admits she’s angry and unfunny. (Hey, she said it.)

Sarah, meet woodshed.

That. Was. Beautiful.

And then this happened:

Er …

Editor’s note: A Twitchy reader sent us a screen shot of a third N-word tweet that was deleted by Silverman. We have updated this post and our earlier post accordingly.