Once again, Ken Wahl demonstrates that there people in the entertainment industry who don’t toe the Hollyweird line on the right to “free” health care. The actor has blasted Obamacare before. And after Hugo Chavez died, Wahl noted that Sean Penn’s bromance with the tyrant might have lasted a little longer without Cuban health care.

Positions like that would make the Obama cult meetings super awkward. But it’s pretty clear Wahl won’t be attending those.

On Friday, Wahl tweeted about one of the crippling side effects of Obamacare: doctors closing their practices due to the “disaster of Obamacare.” And on Obamacare’s third birthday, we’re only beginning to see the devastating impact of “what happens when reps like Pelosi don’t read bills.”

“Disaster” isn’t hyperbole:

A new study by Deloitte Center for Health Solutions found that six in 10 doctors think it is probable that their colleagues would retire earlier than planned in the next one to three years. Another 55 percent of doctors believe they would scale back hours. Three-quarters of doctors surveyed believe that the “best and brightest” would not consider a career in medicine.

So, since Wahl isn’t an Obamacare fan, obviously he’s a heartless conserva-thug who wants people to “die quickly,” right?

Now, how many times do your Democrat betters need to tell you? The unicorns will take care of all that.


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