On Sunday night’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” entitled “Prey,” the Governor’s head goon forced Andrea to hand over her gun and ammo. Minor spoiler alert: That didn’t work out so well for Andrea when she left Woodbury and had to battle human and formerly-human monsters with only a knife.

“Justified” co-star Nick Searcy watched the episode and couldn’t help relating Andrea’s situation to our “national conversation” on guns. “I don’t understand,” he joked. “When the woman had her nasty gun taken away from her, she should have been safer!”

Obviously! As we’ve been told, only an “idiot” thinks shooting an attacker prevents an attack and women really can’t be trusted with guns anyway. Instead of trying to bitterly cling to her firearms, she should have perfected the womanly art of menstruating on demand to deter zombies and psychos.

Or does that only work on rapists?


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