Earlier this month, Twitchy reported on the Left’s bloody fantasy that a Romney presidency would usher in a national tampon ban.

That cuckoo claim is still making the rounds among those who think with their lady parts, not their lady smarts.

But it’s not just the coming Tampocalypse that has libs stocking up on supplies for the War on Women. Fear-mongering Obama supporters are also spreading the absurd rumor that a Romney win would make hair extensions illegal in America.

Many fear that Weave-ageddon is nigh.








The rumor appears to have originated on social media and may have something to do with Romney’s tough talk on China.

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s just intended to perpetuate the false notion that Romney is a racist.

But some people believe that’s not all Romney will ban just as soon as he gets his greedy, grubby hands on the executive order pen. Say goodbye to the McDonald’s Dollar Menu.




Right. Because it’s Republicans who want to meddle with people’s food choices.

Sheesh! Is there anything that conniving Nick Romney won’t outlaw?


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