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'I know what it means': Ilhan Omar continues her bigotry, and there are officially no adults in Democratic leadership

Democratic Rep. Nita Lowey called out Rep. Ilhan Omar’s repeated anti-Semitic and bigoted language that she has spewed for years about Jews and the nation of Israel.


And Rep. Omar, who apparently doesn’t mind continuing to dig herself a hole by attacking members of her own party, fired back.


She sure is using the word/letter “I” quite a bit in this thread.

And there is a reason her colleagues remain silent.

Democratic leadership in Congress and every Democrat who wants to be president should have to address whether or not Omar’s rhetoric is what their party is becoming.


Are there any adults in Democratic leadership positions these days?

Oh, that’s right, this is what Nancy Pelosi tweeted out just yesterday.

Which is tantamount to completely accepting what has been stated by Rep. Ilhan Omar.

This is who they are now.

Editors note:  Additional tweets and commentary have been added to this post.


‘She’s been in Congress for 2 MONTHS’: Guy Benson drops Rep. Ilhan Omar for making yet ANOTHER anti-Semitic comment

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