Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume shares a quote explaining why “extreme environmentalism” is dangerous.

The article shared by Hume spells out how the political mess created by extreme environmentalism in leading nations filters down to less developed nations.

Intolerant “liberals” keen to “save the planet” are ruining it — officiously preventing the poor from lifting themselves out of poverty, forcing wealthy nations to retreat from comfort and efficiency into backwardness, even killing people by the hundreds of thousands.

Who suffers? Those in poor nations, of course, and we in the rich nations that impose our obsessions on ourselves and on others wherever we can.

When draconian regulations and debilitating restrictions are imposed in the name of saving the planet, the results are draconian regulations and debilitating restrictions. Extreme environmentalist policies attempt to do what governments and regulatory agencies cannot accomplish and end up handing power brokers more opportunities for control and corruption.

Extreme environmentalism is, with the best possible benefit of the doubt, born of the notion that free people are incapable of thinking for themselves and making responsible decisions. It is the acceptance that wide and sweeping policies that affect billions can be formulated and enacted by a group of bureaucrats. The advancement of freedom should be the ultimate test. As the quote tweeted by Hume describes, such ideology is, by design, antithetical to the advancement of freedom.