The onus is on the national media to earn the trust of the American people during this election cycle, and that starts with how they go about covering the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris ticket.

Talk show host Mark Levin wants to know if the two Democrat candidates are going to have to endure the kind of tough questions and media scrutiny that Trump and Pence have faced.

We already know the answer to that.

Case in point, Harris had barely even been announced as Biden’s VP pick when the Washington Post “reported” that the Trump campaign has no effective line of attack against her.

The Associated Press ran a story about the rise of Harris being driven by a “call to action.”

And then there was George Stephanopoulos (and others) trying to somehow spin Harris as a “moderate” Democrat.

Fox News anchor Bret Baier called out his colleagues’ “disingenuous” framing of Harris’ candidacy.

Bottom line, given past performance (particularly 2016), the media should be operating as if they have something to prove in this election cycle. The fact that they aren’t says a lot.



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