New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was interviewed by CBS ‘Sunday Morning,’ and the GIF they used to promote it says a lot.

The reviews are that it went about as you would expect a MSM outlet interviewing a Democrat governor to go.

Of course, they failed to ask about a rather important part of Cuomo’s coronavirus story.

According to NewsBusters, it got even worse.

PAULEY: You are a bachelor, you’ve got a nice house here, having a moment, and you can’t do a thing with it. Is your social life in a phase one relationship, possibly? Is that an unfortunate set of circumstances?


CUOMO: Well, I think —

PAULEY: I know you’re a bachelor. I know. I know you’ve talked about being available.

Janice Dean, whose criticism of Gov. Cuomo is welldocumented, had thoughts.

And somehow we aren’t surprised.


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