In case y’all haven’t noticed, Elizabeth Warren has a “plan” for everything.

A plan to meet the goals of the Green New Deal.

A plan to keep the ability to do away with unwanted children available and cheap.

A plan to get big, bad money out of politics.

A deeply-flawed tax plan.

A plan to attempt to delete her DNA test video without anyone knowing about it.

You get the picture.

What she does not have a plan for, though, is how she is going to pay for all of her plans. As pointed out by Washington Post reporter Dan Balz, this is becoming more of a liability for her by the day.

He’s not wrong.

In the latest Democrat debate, she played semantic gymnastics around the fact that her plan will cause a tax increase on the middle class.

Balz probably shouldn’t tell that his Washington Post colleague, Margaret Sullivan, who might accuse him of “doing President Trump’s work.”

“For free” sounds great until you start thinking about how much “for free” is going to cost.



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