Hammering home a theme she has hit before, Rep. Rashida Tlaib is all about “detaining” White House officials who don’t do what she and other House Democrats want them to do. She says Democrats have had “actual serious conversations” about detaining WH officials.

Here’s what Tlaib told Deadline Detroit:

“If they were to detain someone, where would they go and have them detained so that they can comply with the subpoenas?”

“There have been actual serious conversations about what the logistics would look like . . . if we did have to force someone through a court order to come before the Congressional committee. This is pretty uncharted territory for many of us and even for Congress.”

Remember when they were just interested in the truth and protecting our democracy? Surely they aren’t making a political sideshow out of this process.

And, the president’s response…



‘Sounds like a coup’: Rep. Rashida Tlaib seems giddy while imagining the arrest of Trump admin officials