Ah, Medicare for All, the thing socialist Democrats say will give everyone everything but actually won’t give everyone everything because some of the everyones are going to end up paying for the rest of the everyones to have everything.

Former Chicago mayor and Obama White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel called out Democrat proposals to “give” healthcare to “all,” including illegal immigrants, as “reckless.”

The problem for Medicare for All supporters is … nothing is free.

Right on queue, the leader of the Medicare for All brigade, Sen. Bernie Sanders, put out a tweet packaging it as all good with no pain (or acknowledgement of the fact that nothing is free).

Judging by the nature of Justice Democrats’ response, Emanuel’s criticism must have struck a chord.

Meanwhile, there has been some recent fracturing among several leading Medicare for All candidates about what it actually means.

But, you see, Rahm Emanuel is disqualified from commenting because he is now a dreaded investment banker.

Perhaps he learned from the private sector that nothing is free.



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