If you were wondering how pro-abortion groups were taking the recently passed restrictions in several states, let’s check in on NARAL to find out.

Not well.

A. “They’re coming for women” is not happening at all.

B. The “majority”?

A lopsided majority — 76 percent — believe that legal abortion should be limited to the first trimester, permitted only in very rare circumstances (rape, incest, or to save the mother’s life), or barred entirely.  Support for these pro-life reforms includes 61 percent of Democrats and 78 percent of independents.  And even if you excise the ‘first trimester’ option, fully 50 percent of Americans believe abortion should only be legally allowed in a handful of narrow circumstances, or not at all.

C. The irony of “they’re coming for Roe.”

But, hey, Elizabeth Warren’s ready to march!



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