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'Owned. Enjoy your day, coward': Dana Loesch SHUTS DOWN Michael Ian Black after 2-day back-and-forth on guns

Dana Loesch and comedian MIchael Ian Black have been going at it for days now in the aftermath of the death of 5 reporters at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis. In short, Black keeps calling the NRA a terrorist organization while Dana, as you might imagine, disagrees.


Anyway, the back-and-forth came to a halt yesterday after Black couldn’t answer that if he thought the NRA was a terrorist organization, why isn’t he doing more to get these scary terrorists arrested and off the street:

This “bored” Black, and he ended the fight:

Bored? More like “owned”:

But Black did keep it up, although with the much friendlier Sarah Silverman where he tried to explain that the NRA is a terror organization, but the members aren’t actual terrorists:


Nice try, but no. You can’t call the organization (and Dana) terrorist and not say the members who finance the NRA aren’t terrorists as well. That’s why this disgusting line of attack is failing.



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