The New York Times’ Tom Friedman let all of us know (finally!) in his column today that, “Privately, U.S. officials are a lot more concerned about Ukraine’s leadership than they are letting on. There is deep mistrust between the White House and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.”

How many of us were called Putin apologists for saying the EXACT SAME THING FOR MONTHS?

And here’s a mega-thread from NR’s Jim Geraghty torching Friedman over ii.

“It’s a little late for those doubts, isn’t it?”:

Oh well!

Geraghty sees two possible motives. . .

1. “Possibility one is that the Biden administration just wants the Ukraine-Russia war to end, and Zelensky isn’t playing ball, so the administration is getting ready to leave Zelensky hanging out to dry.”

(This fits with the energy crisis unleashed on the world and how to get out of it.)

And 2. “Possibility two is that the administration foresees the Ukraine-Russia war going badly, and is preparing to use Zelensky as a scapegoat – preparing to argue, ‘we did all we could, but Zelensky and the Ukrainians just weren’t up to the task.'”:

Oh, yes . . . we remember:

Here’s the reality:


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