Recently, Richard Grenell called out Thorsten Denkler, a German journalist and former New York City-based U.S. correspondent, for bald-faced bias:

Denkler didn’t understand what Grenell was so wound up about:

This is indeed Twitter, and everyone is entitled to personal opinions. The problem is when those personal opinions are the personal opinions of journalists and cloud the objectivity that journalists are supposed to maintain when they’re doing journalism.

Grenell makes an excellent point. The public should have no expectation of him to be objective. The same doesn’t go for Denkler’s readers.

OK … ?


Denkler’s correct in that there’s no law in place requiring that journalists be unbiased. It’s just one of those things that’s supposed to be understood, you know? The public is supposed to be able to trust journalists to report the news without bringing personal opinions into it.

Tucker Carlson is not a journalist, at least not at Fox News. Nor is Sean Hannity. Nor are a number of Fox News personalities. And they don’t pretend to be. That’s the difference between them and someone like Thorsten Denkler, who is also not a journalist but is not capable of admitting that.

OK, Thor. That’s enough. We’re gonna have to stop you right there before you seriously injure yourself.

Thorsten. Dude.

Just own it, Thorsten. Stop lying to yourself and embrace who you really are.

Or by all means, keep doubling down.

Makes no difference to us. At this point, we don’t trust the MSM anyway.