Earlier this week, the New York Times was out with a BIG story that highly insinuated the IRS, possibly under direct pressure from then-President Donald Trump, ordered “rare, intensive audits” of James Comey and Andrew McCabe:

Here’s the opener:

Among tax lawyers, the most invasive type of random audit carried out by the I.R.S. is known, only partly jokingly, as “an autopsy without the benefit of death.”

The odds of being selected for that audit in any given year are tiny — out of nearly 153 million individual returns filed for 2017, for example, the I.R.S. targeted about 5,000, or roughly one out of 30,600.

One of the few who received a bureaucratic letter with the news that his 2017 return would be under intensive scrutiny was James B. Comey, who had been fired as F.B.I. director that year by President Donald J. Trump. Furious over what he saw as Mr. Comey’s lack of loyalty and his pursuit of the Russia investigation, Mr. Trump had continued to rail against him even after his dismissal, accusing him of treason, calling for his prosecution and publicly complaining about the money Mr. Comey received for a book after his dismissal.

The story was like a proverbial liberal moth to the liberal flame:

And the IRS quickly asked the Treasury Department watchdog to investigate the audits:

But get this???

According to the Washington Post, Trump WAS at fault but it was because he fired the pair and this increased their income with book deals, speeches, etc., and “their taxes got much more interesting to the IRS”:

LOL. So, the New York Times article is one gigantic “NEVER MIND!”?

It was too good to pass up, however:

Hmm. . .

Maybe we should investigate who ordered the Code Red on the Romeny aides in 2012?

We do love how it’s still the former president’s fault at the end of the day. Never change, guys: