As we told you earlier, new polling out on President Joe Biden is just plain AWFUL.

From Axios:

• 69% say economy is “bad”
• 65% say Biden is “slow to react” when issues arise”
• 63% describe state of the country as “uneasy” and “worrying”

But to White House chief of staff Ron Klain, we’re the ones missing something:

“I hate to spoil the narrative but this poll shows @potus approval rating moving up, and solid public confidence on the two biggest problems he inherited: COVID and jobs.”

Yeah, but does it really? Those gains are withing the poll’s margin of error:

“Nobody believes what you are selling here,” Ron. “Narrative or not”:

At what point does the president realize he’s not being served well by the senior people around him? Not today, apparently:

And EVEN if Klain is somewhat right, this still isn’t good news for his boss:

ACKSHUALLY Americans are only severely displeased with the president, as opposed to completely outraged.”

Great messaging.



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