In response to the tweet we just told you about where Twitchy favorite Mary Katharine Ham fact-checked Maggie Haberman over Ron DeSantis, the Congressional baseball shooting, and January 6, CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski took the time to track down the video she was talking about in some sort of lame attempt to DUNK ON HIS COLLEAGUE:

For an entire year, everyone at CNN refused to say one thing about Chris Cuomo, but MKH sends one tweet they don’t like? Go get her!

By the way, the segment confirms what she tweeted anyway:

Watch it for yourself:

And here comes MKH from the top rope:


UPDATE (It looks like he deleted it.)

Kaczynski asked for an update to the post so everyone knows he didn’t use CNN resources while going after his colleague:


MKH plays the Toobin and Cuomo card:

The thing is, she’s 100% right:


Editor’s note: This post has been updated.