Dana Loesch slammed the ongoing “PR effort” to absolve Alec Baldwin of responsibility after he shot and killed cinematographer on the set of *his* film, “Rust,” last week:

Actor and Twitchy favorite Nick Searcy also thinks this is what’s happening.

“Alec Baldwin and his people are trying to burn this young woman to the ground to save his sorry ass”:

Loesch added that people are giving Baldwin — a producer on the film — a total pass on the crewmembers that were hired:

And that this actually makes Baldwin look worse:

As for what’s next, the DA has not ruled out criminal charges for anyone involved:

The investigation will take “weeks” according to the district attorney and that “there were an enormous amount of bullets on the set”:

And one nugget from this NYT article quoted above is that Mamie Mitchell, the script supervisor and the person who called 911, has lawyered up with celebrity attorney Gloria Allred:

Adam Baldwin points out the importance of this as she is the “1 person on set that takes detailed notes and who may use their personal cel phone or iPad to record rehearsals for timing purposes (scripty times every shot & logs in book for the editors) and instant playback for the “A-Team”: director, producer, star, cinematographer”:

A news conference is scheduled for later today: