There were two major developments on Monday in the ongoing audit of Maricopa County, Arizona, but it’s a mixed bag.

First up, the State Senate issued Maricopa County a new subpoena demanding the routers and other election material that has yet to be provided to the auditors:

The county has said previously that the voting machines were never hooked up to the internet and there’s no reason to hand over the routers:

And they have security concerns:

This will likely end up in court, so, pull up a chair and prepare to sit a spell:

And to follow up on our post on Sunday suggesting trouble was brewing between the state Senate and liaison Ken Bennett, he was “banned permanently” from the building where the audit is taking place on Monday:

This is over reports that Bennett shared information with third party that shed doubt on the way Cyber Ninjas was counting the ballots:

He admitted sharing the information during a radio interview:

According to reports, he shared this information with the company that conducted an independent review of the vote counts and their numbers “matched @maricopacounty numbers to the order of 99.9%”:

Bennett threatened to resign during the interview as well:

And it sounds like things could get much worse between Bennett and the State Senate:

Bennett also pushed back on former President Trump’s narrative that the audit was for him:

There’s a worry that if Bennett isn’t involved, the audit will have no legitimacy: