Remember this story we told you about last week?

Well, they’ve made an arrest:

Meet Michael Lopez, 27. He has 12 prior arrests “including multiple violent crimes and a shoot”:

PIX 11 reports that “his most recent arrest was in 2020” and he’s on “parole for an attempted murder for which he was arrested in 2014.”

According to ABC 7, he was released in 2017 for that crime:

Sources say Lopez was once arrested for shooting and nearly killing a man but escaped the most serious charges.

That was in 2014. He was later convicted of attempted assault and conspiracy and served just two years in state prison before he was released on parole in 2017.

And the 2020 arrest was reportedly a knifepoint robbery:

He has a total of 12 prior arrests, including a knifepoint robbery in the transit system just last year.

The NYPD is still searching for Lopez’s alleged accomplice:




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