Socialist India Walton appears to have defeated four-term incumbent Byron Brown in the Dem primary for Mayor of Buffalo, NY:

The Buffalo News reports that this “may rank as the most historic upset in the city’s political history”:

India B. Walton, the community activist barely known to many Buffalo voters just months ago, shocked four-term incumbent Byron W. Brown in Tuesday’s Democratic primary for mayor in what may rank as the most historic upset in the city’s political history.

It’s also a major defeat for Andrew Cuomo, too:

If/when Walton is declared the winner, she will likely be the only candidate on the ballot in November. From WIVB:

Only one other candidate – Scott Wilson – could appear on the November ballot after he filed on an independent line, but his designating petitions are being challenged at the Erie County Board of Elections. Now the results may spell the end of Brown’s long career in Democratic politics as a Council member, state senator, mayor of New York’s second largest city and even a stint as chairman of the state Democratic Party during Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s 2018 campaign.

And there’s no question if she’s a socialist or not:

“If you are in an elected office right now, you are being put on notice. We are coming”:

So, in NYC the former cop is headed to victory. . .

. . .and in Buffalo it’s the opposite:

One of her supporters is Martin Gugino, the elderly man who was hospitalized after he was shoved to the ground by two Buffalo police officers last summer:

This is reminiscent of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s primary win in 2018:

And AOC has taken notice:

The incumbent Dem mayor of Rochester lost as well:

She was defeated by Malik Evans:

Warren, like Mayor Brown in Buffalo, faced criticism from the community over a police shooting last year:

A “seismic shift” is underway in upstate New York:

And because there are no viable GOP candidates, meet your new mayors!