Twitchy regular Kathy Griffin did not take the news well that Sen. Joe Manchin will not vote for the “For the People Act” or get rid of the filibuster:

And in just one tweet, Trump Derangement Syndrome has successfully combined with Manchin Derangement Syndrome:


The starring cast of the Pee Pee Tape is going to get a whole lot larger now that other Senators are speaking out against the flawed bill. Sen. Angus King, for example:

And he’ll also keep the filibuster in place:

Maybe the NYT editorial board is on the tape, too?

As for the hate of Manchin, “it’s never just Manchin”:

Remember when 33 Senate Dems warned of the dangers of eliminating the filibuster when the bad orange man was president?


Yet, the media will keep doing its thing: