Just to keep you updated on what’s going on in Maricopa County, Arizona, the Board of Supervisors held a press conference on Monday and called for an end to the ongoing audit of votes by the State Senate:

At the press conference, the board also responded to claims made by a number of state Republicans and echoed by former President Trump that election officials deleted a database prior to hand the information over to the auditors.

According to the Board of Supervisors, what happened was that the information was there but the auditors searched for it improperly:

More from ABC 15 data journo Garrett Archer:

In other words, user error:

The Country released a detailed response as well. An excerpt on this data issue:

1. Your accusation, that Maricopa County deleted data, is false.

You claim “the entire ‘Database’ directory from the D drive of the machine
EMSPrimary has been deleted.” This is false: the “Database” was not deleted
from the server. And an analysis of the screenshot you provided (the
“screenshot”), which we reproduce below, further proves that fact.

We demand that you immediately rescind your false and malicious tweet
asserting that Maricopa County “spoiled evidence” in the days before we
provided the server to the Senate. Your tweet, which relies on the “modified
date” shown in the screenshot as evidence of wrongdoing, is demonstrably
false; the only thing it does demonstrate is your auditors’ incompetence.
Their stunning lack of a basic understanding for how their software works is
egregious and only made worse by the false tweet sent defaming the
hardworking employees of Maricopa County.

This letter also called on the State Senate to end the audit “for the good of the country”:

And they’re calling it the proverbial “line in the sand”:

State Senate President Karen Fann ordered the Supervisor to appear at a televised hearing today, but they said on Monday that they will not comply:

We’ll find out more this afternoon from Fann:

The County also tweeted out this thread in response to the allegations:

We’ll keep you posted.