Maricopa County, AZ is denying allegations made by former President Trump and other Republicans in the state that election officials deleted an election database needed to audit the 2020 vote:

Trump released a statement on the story, but that’s being challenged:

Stephen Richer, a newly-elected Republican election official in Maricopa County, went further than the journos responding to the story, however, calling Trump “unhinged” and saying “we can’t indulge these insane lies any longer”:

“Help me call out this lie,” he tweeted at fellow Republican State Rep. Leo Biasiucci:

Richer defeated a Dem incumbent in the last election:

The database story apparently originated with the official Twitter account of the audit and the Senate GOP:

Marciopa County called this “false information”:

It’s actually the pinned tweet for the account at the moment, too:

Maricopa County will be responding to the story today in a public hearing:

As for the audit, it’s on hold as the venue is being used for high school graduations over the next few weeks:

To be continued. . .