Here’s the latest on what’s going on at the audit of votes in Maricopa County, Arizona. . .

First up and as a follow up on our post from Sunday night where we told you that GOP audit liaison Ken Bennett was not happy with the official Twitter account for the audit, apparently he’s still trying to rein in the “committee” behind the tweets to make sure the only information that gets put out there is “factually based” and not just a response to critics of the process:

With that said, the account does seem to have toned things down a bit:

Brakey is a “progressive Democrat” who has said that the previous audits of the county vote are worthless:

Now, as for the actual counting of votes, the pace has been described as “glacial”:

This math on how many days it will take the count the votes also hits the math on how much all of this is going to cost:

The audit continues this morning: