Here’s the latest with the ongoing audit of votes in Maricopa County, AZ. . .

First up, there’s some brewing drama as former Secretary of State Ken Bennett, who is serving as the liaison between the State Senate and the audit, is not happy with the way the Twitter account set up for the audit has been tweeting:

As of this post, however, Bennett’s name is still on the account:

Bennett did record a video for the account earlier this weekend where he said “every damn” vote will be audited:

Bennett also reportedly reached out to one of the journos targeted by the account to apologize:

The audit account also accused the Dem Secretary of State of having her election expert impersonate a reporter to gain access to the site:

But the election expert, Ryan Macias, denied this charge:

And in other news, there’s a chance the audit is not finished on time:

If it’s not completed by May 14, they may have to pause the audit and resume it after the site’s contractual obligations are over:

Bennett also attempted to clear up just what the auditors are looking for on the ballots:

There was a lot of speculation regarding the use of UV lights, but, apparently, they’re no longer using them:

And they’re still looking for watermarks even though the ballots don’t have watermarks on them:

More on that here:

The audit will resume on Monday:



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