As a follow up to yesterday’s viral tweet that we told you about where BLM activist Bree Newsome discounted one girl attempting to murder another girl as just teenagers having a normal teenage fight. . .

. . .she’s now claiming that not “enough is said about white pathological obsession with possessing & consuming Black people’s bodies.” In other words, cannibalism:

And “little attention is given to the cannibal-like tendencies of whiteness, particularly the disturbing obsession with dismembering & possessing people with dark skin”:

Reminder: These are not people we should be taking seriously:

She added that she thinks police are now going to intentionally murder Black people in retaliation for the Chauvin verdict:

Except, that’s not what’s happening:

And you just knew where this thread would end up: “It’s time to abolish policing”:

Good luck with that.