Something is not making sense with Chris Cuomo and his wife’s reported recovery from coronavirus which we told you about this morning.

It was just last week that Cuomo told viewers his wife had also tested positive for coronavirus:

But in the video we told you about this morning, Cuomo said both he and his wife have now been “cleared by the CDC.” It’s been less than a week since her diagnosis and her being cleared by the CDC, whatever the f*** that means:

Now, here’s where CNN’s media reporter comes in. . .

Brian Stelter acknowledged the video in his newsletter but did not tell readers that it’s a lie and Cuomo broke quarantine, with his wife and family, on Easter (which means his wife was also infected at that time, too):

So let’s look at the timeline. Easter was on April 12. On April 15, Cuomo announces his wife has it, which means she was also out and about while infected. But on April 20, Cuomo and CNN post this video that says both are healthy and “cleared by the CDC”? WTF is going on?

“How is this not a colossal Milli Vanilli like scandal for CNN?”

How does Cuomo go from this to everyone’s fine in less than a week?

It just doesn’t make any sense. And since Brian Stelter is the media reporter and all, he’s the one who should be holding CNN accountableL

But we won’t hold our breath: