This is a long thread by journo Blake Zeff who has covered Michael Bloomberg in the past, but well worth your time.

In short? The mayor seems to be successfully buying his way through the 2020 election:

A $1 million donation to a church goes a long way:

As do the millions he’s spent electing Dems:

$110 million to be precise:

He buys influence through community groups, too:

He’s OK buying off both sides, apparently:

LOL. Free wine? Sign us up:

If you’re going to work in politics, work for the billionaire:

And he’s reportedly using his connections to get donors to sit the election out:

He’s even paying people for Instagram posts:

And the ads. So. Many. Ads:

And he’s lying in the ads if anyone in the media cares:

The media isn’t fact-checking him (as we told you with this ad where he showed photos from the Obama era of immigrant kids in cages and passed them off as the result of a Trump policy):

“Machiavellian ethics”:

So, what else is out there?