Oh, goodie. . .

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Piers Morgan are fighting over her take on Ivanka Trump that we told you about earlier. ICYMI, here it is again where she called out the president’s daughter for meeting with world leaders (we will note that as Ivanka is probably the president’s most trusted adviser, wouldn’t world leaders want to talk with her?):

Piers Morgan responded by correctly noting that 18 months ago, AOC was just a bartender:

And before you go and say anything about that, Morgan also was a bartender, or so he says:

Fact check: True:

And of course, AOC had to fire back, arguing that if more bartenders were in Congress “we’d probably have healthcare and living wages by now”:

But as fun as the AOC–Piers Morgan fight may be to cover, it was Hillary Clinton spox Jesse Ferguson that ended up getting NUKED when he decided to weigh in on the exchange:

Goodbye, Jesse. It was nice knowing you. As for Piers, he’s basking in the attention, as you would expect:

And he’s now trending in the U.S. over it: