ICYMI, last night President Donald Trump tweeted out a video that highlights Luis Bracamontes, an illegal immigrant from Sacramento who was given the death penalty earlier this year after he killed two police officers in 2014:

And as we told you last night, many people are calling the ad racist. But in another win for Donald Trump, the video — which is too long to run on TV as an actual ad — is now being amplified by the media, including free airtime on the cable networks:

[Narrator] They took the bait:

Trump wins again:

Take a bow, MSM, because this ad is now everywhere and Dems will have to defend a piece of s*it cop killer:

It’s even on local news:

And radio!

Digital outlets like the Washington Post are linking to the ad in their hot takes, not realizing that what makes the Trump ad different from the Willie Horton ad is that the Willie Horton ad cost money to run and wasn’t free:

But, hey … enjoy those sweet, sweet clicks promoting something you hate: