President Donald Trump tried to give the GOP a boost in the midterms by tweeting a video Wednesday.

We covered this case back in January: illegal immigrant Luis Bracamontes admitted in court hearings that he shot and killed two Sacramento-area deputies in October 2014, and as his trial got underway he made several outbursts, giggling and saying he wished he had “killed more of the motherf**kers.”

Now Bracamontes is the star of an ad, intercut with images of the migrant caravan breaking down the fence separating Guatemala and Mexico.

Jamie Weinstein, host of “The Jamie Weinstein Show” at National Review Online, says that no question, the ad is racist:

He’s not getting a lot of backup in the comments, however.

Whoa, that’s low.

That’s almost as low.

That tweet didn’t go over as planned, though we suspect they’re clutching their pearls on MSNBC and CNN right now over the fact that Trump tweeted this.