Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo threatened Dana Loesch and NRA TV with legal action over this clip from Tuesday:

According to Acevedo, this was “another lie” although he didn’t say exactly what Dana lied about:

And then Acevedo responded with a screenshot of an email declining an invitation to appear on Dana’s program along with his legal threat:

“Like I was saying, blah, blah, blah. Stop misrepresenting &/or lying about my views. Your action is leading to harassment by your minions. You may just make testing the limits of your dishonesty & cyber bullying worthwhile in Court. Many top-notch firms would do so pro-bono.”

Acevedo then tweeted that Dana should “be on notice” and the “we will be watching.” It’s not clear who the “we” is. Are Houston taxpayers paying for the police department to monitor news organizations now?

He ended with another legal threat:

Dana’s response? BRING IT: