An arrest warrant was issued today for NFL star Michael Bennett stemming from an incident at this last year’s Super Bowl where Bennett allegedly injured a 66-year-old paraplegic woman who was working security:

Bennett attempted to get onto the field after the game, but was stopped by the elderly and disabled security guard, whom Bennett allegedly pushed out of the way:

According to the report, police witnessed the shove and heard Bennett say, “I could own this motherf*cker”:

More from the Houston Chronicle:

If Bennett’s name sounds familiar, it should. He was caught lying after accusing Las Vegas cops of profiling him in 2017:

More from Clay Travis, September 2017:

Yesterday afternoon the Las Vegas police, after reviewing 193 different videos of that night, released a two minute video that proves their officers didn’t racially profile Bennett, didn’t use excessive force, and treated Bennett with respect throughout their interaction. (Bennett’s defenders, a tiny group compared to the people who initially believed him, are complaining because this video is edited, but that’s because it’s spliced together from multiple cameras to give a coherent picture of what transpired that night.)

But to Shaun King and other SJW, Bennett’s latest legal troubles are “complete BS”:

And from Tariq Nasheed:

Alrighty then! So, the NFL should send the message that large men can just push 66-year-old disabled women around with impunity?