Raise your hand if you had “Joe Barton” as the next politician to get in trouble for a d*ck pic:

According to Barton, the pic happened after he separated from his second wife:

And he’s contemplating retirement because of it:

The photo, which appeared on an anonymous Twitter account, set off speculation within Texas GOP circles about his political future.

In a phone interview with The Texas Tribune on Tuesday, Barton said he was deliberating that.

“You’re as aware of what was posted as I am,” he said. “I am talking to a number of people, all of whom I have faith in and am deciding how to respond, quite frankly.”

We won’t post the photo for obvious reasons (you can see a somewhat blurred out version of it here at TMZ):

Any bets until he calls it quits?

Barton won his last election 58.3% to 39%, so this is some wishful thinking:

What an amazing time to be alive.


Editor’s note: Tweets included in an update to this post have been removed for inclusion in a separate post. You can find them here:

D*ck pics be DAMNED! Spox says Rep. Joe Barton is NOT resigning over nude photo