Earlier today we told you how Vox staffers have decided to attempt to unionize. Well, it gets better…

Check out this hot take from Vox’s own German Lopez:

You see, the union is really just a way to protect all of the lazy journos in the Vox newsroom:

HAHAHA! Lopez likes Vox just the way it is and doesn’t want to rock the boat:

And he thinks his colleagues are out to take advantage of Vox’s generosity:

So, German — name names! Who are these lazy slugs in the Vox newsroom?

This should be fun to watch:

Also can we point out that he makes no sense? Charles C.W. Cooke tweets, “I’m supportive of unions, which don’t do the things critics say they do. I’m just against the one that might be set up at my workplace, which will do those things.”