Can Vox do anything right?

More from Business Insider:

Three sources familiar with the unionization efforts, all of whom asked to remain anonymous given the sensitivity of the discussions, told Business Insider that organizers at the Vox Media network — which includes the sites The Verge, Vox, SBNation, Eater, Polygon, Racked, Curbed, and Recode — told Business Insider that organizers alerted management and staff this morning about a union drive effort that has been ongoing in private for months.

In a letter, organizers said the goals of the union were to increase transparency and diversity, protect benefits in the case of future acquisitions, and ensure consistency in “titles, salaries, raises, and benefits.”

“A Vox Media union will give us the means to maintain everything we love about working for this company, and to have a collective voice when we address anything that may change,” the letter said. “We look forward to bringing Vox Media employees together as an organized unit, and bringing that unit closer to management at the bargaining table and beyond.”

If anyone needs us, we’ll be in the kitchen making popcorn. A big-ass bowl of popcorn.