As President Donald Trump heads to Camp David with his family for the weekend, we’re starting to see some lefties criticize why he’s taking time off with Hurricane Harvey set to strike Texas later tonight:

Oh, come on. It’s Camp David, not a vacation!

And since Trump will get compared to then President Obama, remember what was going on in the summer of 2016 when Louisiana was experiencing record flooding? That’s right … FORE!

We even had an explanation from Chris Cillizza on why that was OK:

Cillizza wrote back then:

And, as has been documented ad nauseam, there’s really no such thing as a vacation for a president of the United States.“Presidents don’t get vacations — they just get a change of scenery,” Nancy Reagan famously told critics of her husband’s regular trips to the family’s ranch. Work, especially in this digital age, follows you around.

Flashback: Trump did visit Louisiana while Obama golfed, much to the delight of residents:

Camp David vs. Larry David? Trump wins again.

Update. Trump has arrived at Camp David and is monitoring the situation in Texas.



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