As we told you earlier, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards thanked Donald Trump for his visit to flood-ravage Baton Rouge last week, saying the GOP nominee “helped shine a spotlight” on the situation.

But Donald Trump’s good deed didn’t go unpublished as libs took to Twitter after the visit to mock Trump and running mate Gov. Mike Pence for handing out Play-Doh.

One, even if Donald Trump did only hand out Play-Doh, don’t kids in a flood zone who’ve lost everything deserve a toy while they’re stuck in a shelter? But two, they’re wrong. Snopes fact-checked the visit and found that the 18-wheeler full of supplies donated by Trump was filled with other items such as “diapers, baby formula, various toys, cleaning supplies and socks.”

Anyway, here’s a quick list of 12 actors, journalists and other liberals who felt Trump’s generosity was mock-worthy.

1. Actor Samuel L. Jackson:

2. Journalist Ana Marie Cox:

3. Director Guy Norman Bee:

4. Actor James Morrison:

5. Journalist Bart Hubbuch:

6. Journalist Alan Colmes:

7. Comic Lizz Winstead:

8. Actress Jessica Joy:

9. Author Anne Wheaton (married to Wil Wheaton):

10. Journalist Kurt Eichenwald:

11. Artist Laurenn Mcubbin:

12. Author Dr. Max Wachtel:

Time to apologize, guys.



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