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Were You in a Coma? Twitter ROASTS Gregg Easterbrook's Pining for the 'Civil Politics' of 2012


Yesterday, we saw a lot of outstanding tweets from patriotic Americans celebrating our Independence Day. Unfortunately, we also saw a lot of cringe tweets from the left illustrating that America still has a long way to go before we get back to being a proper country. 


It's highly unusual for us to have seen both from the same person, but then we ran into two tweets from writer Gregg Easterbrook. 

Easterbrook is definitely a leftie, but he fits more of the 'classic liberal' mold than he does the 'lunatic' category. He has gone back and forth on climate change and, even though he is currently more on the Al Gore side of that issue, he doesn't advocate for destroying the world's economy to 'save the planet.' His book The Progress Paradox: How Life Gets Better While People Feel Worse is a very insightful take on how technology is a huge boon to mankind but also might spell our collective psychological demise. And he writes a (usually) pretty funny NFL column each week during the season called Tuesday Morning Quarterback

With that background, we were not surprised to see this first tweet from Easterbrook yesterday.  

That's great, right? Beautiful, even. And it does capture the way a lot of people feel these days. Our politics is depressing and our media is more corrupt than a Nokia box in Hungary. But even through all that, millions of Americans were still able to come together on July 4 and celebrate the birthday of the greatest nation on earth. 


Ohhh, if only Easterbrook had stopped there. That would have been a super idea. 

Unfortunately, he couldn't help himself and saw fit to provide a second half to his tweet and it was that next tweet which made our jaw drop to the floor. 

Excuse us? Beg your pardon? Did you really just write that? 

We're not sure if Easterbrook was in a coma during the 2012 election, but in case he was, Twitter chimed in to let him know that there was nothing civil or high-minded about that campaign ... at least on one half of it.

Hey, who was that guy who said that Mitt Romney would 'throw y'all back in chains'? Did he ever go on further in his political career? 

They actually compared Romney to the Batman supervillain Bane. (Get it? Because he once worked for a company called Bain Capital.) 

No, seriously. Mitt Romney. A supervillain. 


Ahh, we almost forgot about the 'binders.' An awkward turn of phrase by Romney, no question about it, but Democrats and the Obama campaign took that and ran with it as proof that Romney would institute a totalitarian patriarchy right out of The Handmaid's Tale

So 'high-minded.'

Don't even get us started on how long Democrats perpetuated the story about Seamus the dog. Granted, we would never do that to a dog, but except for some pooping (that may have been totally unrelated), Seamus was fine. It didn't matter. Romney was the devil because of that. 

Obama laughed that 'the 80s called and want their foreign policy back.' It's funny how, just four years later, every Democrat on the planet was instantly obsessed with 'Russia, Russia, Russia' and they still are to this day.


Harry Reid lied. Knowingly. And then laughed about it when he was caught lying because the lie worked. 

Not what we would call 'civil.' 

Democrats didn't just begin calling every Republican a Nazi when Donald Trump came on the scene. It started way before then.

And it wasn't just limited to Romney. Remember what they said about his running mate Paul Ryan? 

Granted, most conservatives don't like Paul Ryan anymore, but we don't think anyone on the right ever accused him of throwing grannies off a cliff. 

Many were quick to point out exactly why Easterbrook remembered 2012 as being 'civil.'

Bingo. Easterbrook doesn't remember what 2012 was really like because Romney didn't fight back and Obama won. That's what 'high-minded' means to him. 


That's exactly what Democrats want. A Republican who won't fight back. 

If Easterbrook doesn't like Trump, he has only his side to blame. 

What liberals will never admit is that they 'created' Trump far more than conservatives ever did. And now they don't like the new rules.

This has been the strategy of the Democrats for a long time. They hate it now that Republicans have said, 'OK, we'll play that way if you want.' 


It's what any fair-minded person would call revisionist history. 

And as generous as we were to Gregg Easterbrook in citing his more classical liberalism, it is obvious that he has a blind spot for the Obama campaigns in 2008 and 2012 as large as a black hole.

Unfortunately for him, in addition to fighting back, one thing conservatives have now as part of the new rules is a very long, very detailed, and very accurate memory. 

 We won't let them get away with these types of lies anymore. 


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