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One of the things we used to love about the Olympics was that it was generally politics-free. Sure, there's always rivalry among competing nations and a hefty dose of national pride, but there's nothing wrong with that (or at least, there didn't used to be anything wrong with that). Occasionally, politics would intrude -- tragically in 1972 in Munich, and then gloriously in 1980 in Lake Placid. But, for the most part, it just used to be about celebrating athletes and competition.


Sadly, those days seem to be long gone. Everything about the Olympics is politicized in the 21st century. And politicized in the worst way, with woke ideology intruding wherever there is an opening. 

A couple of days ago, USA Swimming proudly announced the U.S. team that would be competing in Paris this summer. 

That's great, right? An occasion to congratulate all of these outstanding athletes for making the team and wish them luck in France in a few weeks. 

And that's what the majority of people did. 

But not Georgetown Law professor Janel George. For George, this photo was an opportunity to sow racial division and strife in America. Take a look: 

The legacy of Jim Crow? Seriously? What is your major malfunction? 

It's because they are broken. Utterly and irreparably broken. They have only one lens and all that lens sees is skin color and imagined oppression. 

Never mind that team member Katie Ledecky, one of the most accomplished swimmers in U.S. history, comes from a Czech, Irish, and Jewish background and lost relatives in the Holocaust. Never mind that team member Michael Andrew's family is South African. 


And, of course, never mind that several members of the team -- Shaine Casas, David Curtiss, and Simone Manuel -- are, in fact, black. 

George must have missed them in the picture. In fairness, her own racism probably blinded her a bit. 

Riley Gaines gave George the mockery she deserved. 

Many on Twitter were quick to point out how George zeroed in on the swim team, but didn't address other teams that the United States is sending to the Games. 

The point is not that some teams in some sports are mostly white, mostly black, or a mix of all races. The point is that these athletes are the BEST. Because the Olympics -- even if nowhere else is -- should be an absolute meritocracy. 

God forbid people like George would actually cheer for America. We can almost be certain she never has in her life. 


Holly Briden, one of our favorite satirical accounts, put George in her place as only Holly can:


We try to avoid generalizations, but it's not breaking any new ground to say that different sports attract people from different backgrounds. That's why most water sports (and hockey) include predominantly white athletes. But they do not discriminate against other races. Meanwhile, track and basketball include predominantly black athletes. But they also do not discriminate against other races. 

The answer that George will never acknowledge is that neither one is the product of racism. They're much more the product of preference.  


Frankly, it is insulting to the athletes to try to reduce them to their skin color. 

She hasn't deleted it (yet), but she did turn off replies. 

We're not sure if she doesn't know (which is quite a commentary on the quality of faculty at Georgetown) or if she does know and is just lying (which is an even worse commentary on that university). 

She's upset because she has crafted her entire personality and existence around being perpetually upset. 

BOOM. Exactly. 

We were going to keep going with more people mocking Professor George's racist tweet, but in the spirit of the Olympics, we thought we'd end with a few people reacting to the USA Swimming photo the way everyone SHOULD react to it: with goodwill and pride. 


And that's how it's done, people. Take notes, Georgetown University law professor. 

If everyone took this attitude and rejected the ideology of Janel George, we bet more people would still love the Olympics these days like we all used to.


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