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Gaslighting 101: Insufferable Jonathan Chait Laments the 'Crime and Radicalism' of Trump's 2020


As the 2024 election season heats up, some of Team Biden's strategies are becoming clear. Joe Biden himself (or, let's face it, one of his interns) will tweet out a statement about how Donald Trump is the past and Biden is about the future, or words to that effect. Meanwhile, Biden's campaign staff -- also known as the mainstream media -- will exclusively look backward and try to scare everyone about Trump's presidency and 'the end of democracy' if he wins again. 


As political strategies go, it's a bit rubbish if the goal is to reach undecided voters, but we can hardly blame them. It's not like Biden has any accomplishments -- or even a triple-digit IQ -- he can campaign on. 

Yesterday, dutiful soldier for the left Jonathan Chait played the strategy to a T, with an INCREDIBLE bit of gaslighting about the summer of 2020, often ironically dubbed 'The Summer of Love.' 

The nerve on display here is, quite simply, astonishing. 

Of course, this is no surprise coming from Chait, who calls New York Magazine home, the same magazine that just last week tried to celebrate human torch Aaron Bushnell as an 'antiwar martyr.' 

Chait can always be counted on to push the leftist narrative du jour, but this was a little beyond the pale even for him.

It's always a fierce competition for that title, but Chait somehow always manages to earn a spot on the podium. 

Many people were happy to tell Chait exactly WHY he is a disingenuous tw*t and why his tweet was complete revisionist nonsense. 


The George Floyd Summer of Love riots were CELEBRATED by the left. To the point that they were allowed to wreak havoc in America by the thousands while the rest of us were locked at home not even able to go to the funerals of loved ones. 

If you can't read that screenshot, the photo caption says, 'Minnesota bail fund promoted by Kamala Harris freed convict now charged with murder.' 

Yes, we all remember the bail fund from Vice President Giggles. And letting violent criminals out of jail so they can commit more violent crimes seems to be the Democrats' specialty in recent years. 

Those people don't really look like Trump supporters to us. And when Trump DID offer to send in the military to help quash the riots, Democrat mayors and governors rejected him and called him Hitler. 

Yep, just like that.


All of this is true. 

But setting aside Chait's 2020 gaslighting revisionism for a moment, others were wondering if he is wearing a blindfold to keep him from seeing that FAR worse 'crime and radicalism' from the left happening for the past three years under the Biden administration. 

Because 'Orange Man Bad,' that's why. 

We're old enough to remember how Biden cited the Charlottesville riots and the fake 'good people on both sides' lie as the reason he ran for President in 2020. Yet, he is remarkably silent about violence far worse than Charlottesville happening all the time during his presidency. 


People like Chait also promote the lie that 'crime is down' under Biden, neglecting to mention how so many cities like Los Angeles are simply not prosecuting and not reporting crime to the FBI anymore. It's fairly diabolical. 

Maybe the most despicable element of Chait's tweet and article though is not the revisionist history or even the failure to recognize the crime crisis that exists today. 

It is the not-so-veiled threat to America inherent in his words.  

She wasn't the only one hearing it. 


It's a threat and it's a promise. And it will probably come to pass if Trump wins. 

After all, they didn't board up every shop in DC (and other cities) just before the 2020 election because they were worried about what would happen if Trump lost

This writer is not a huge fan of the 'R' word, but we'll make an exception for Jonathan Chait. 

Take your crown, King. 


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