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Mark Cuban, Who Likes to Remind Us Constantly How Smart He Is, Gets Hilariously Phished

Fuzzy Chimp

One of the most memorable characters from HBO's groundbreaking crime series The Wire is street criminal Omar Little. Omar is a fan favorite to this day for his quips, delivered perfectly by the late Michael K. Williams. Maybe the quote Omar is known best for is, 'You come at the king, you best not miss.' 


But only slightly below that is how Omar describes the street life in Baltimore: 

'The game is out there. And it's either play or get played.'

Maybe Mark Cuban should have watched more of The Wire

Yesterday, Cuban -- who is the smartest person he knows -- decided it would be a great idea for him to go onto Twitter and complain to Google about a scam that he fell for. (Mind you. this was AFTER Cuban tried to claim that Democrats are open to many voices by quoting ... a Democrat Party chair in Ohio.)

Cuban deleted the tweet above, but you know Twitchy. We got it. 

Hey, everyone gets fooled once in a while. As another character on The Wire says, 'You know, get or get got.' 

We've all fallen for scams of one nature or another (or parody accounts on Twitter like the infamous Dennis). Most of them are not nearly as egregious and obvious as what Cuban admitted to, though. What made the tweet hilarious is that we are supposed to believe that Cuban is a tech genius, and yet he fell for the 2024 equivalent of 'the Nigerian prince.'

It's also hilarious that Cuban decided that a public forum like Twitter was the place to talk about this embarrassing moment. Much like he has been buried in recent weeks for his public affirmation of DEI (and inadvertently admitting that he broke EEOC regulations) and the minimum wage.


Needless to say, Cuban's arrogance on these and many other political issues meant he was ripe for a roasting from Twitter users. 

We're still not sure how Cuban made all of his billions with his clear inability to grasp business concepts or show any analytical skills. 

That's an easy one. Everybody knows that only people with NEW Testament names work for Twitter and will ask you for your personal information. 

That part was hilarious. Cuban couldn't admit (or couldn't recognize) that he was the mark, so he had to blame it all on Google. 

Excuse us. We just spit up coffee all over our keyboard. There's ALWAYS a Simpsons GIF.

Maybe he's not the best guy to be evaluating other people's business ideas on Shark Tank. We're pretty sure Mr. Wonderful would never fall for a scammer named 'Noah.'


Oh, good. He's leaving the show. A million small business entrepreneurs just breathed a sigh of relief. 

That's a tough call, LOL. But we're Twitchy, so we have to go with the comments. 

That's fair. We'll go with 'both.'

HAHAHAHA. If you've ever been swarmed by the scam porn bots on Twitter, you'll understand that one. 


Even most boomers know better than this by now. 

Damn. That's a very good point. As another notorious scammer, Don King would say, 'Only in America.'

If Cuban went on a Charles Bronson-style rampage of revenge, we'd buy tickets to see that. 

You can never have too many Nigerian Prince jokes. 

We're openly giggling now. 


If he wasn't half as sanctimonious and preachy as he is (while always being wrong), we probably wouldn't even have paid attention to this story. But he is, so we did. 

He really, really has. 

As we said earlier, everyone can get duped once in a while. No one is 100 percent immune, no matter how careful you are. 

But Cuban was not being careful (An intruder? Really?). AND he decided that he wanted to be indignant at Google about the whole incident. 

When you combine that with all of his other embarrassing statements on Twitter recently, it adds up to a pretty embarrassing night for him (hence the deleted tweet). 

But a pretty fun night for Twitter. 

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