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We Love Them Even More: Video Shows IDF Lobbing Fire Into Lebanon With Trebuchets and Bows


The other day, after the IDF rescued four hostages from Hamas terrorists, a helmet-cam video of the rescue made the rounds on Twitter and it was just incredible to watch. 


Amazing. These are true heroes. We didn't think we could love the IDF any more than we already did after watching that. 

We were wrong. 

Last night, another video clip started to gain traction on Twitter, this time from another front in Israel's fight against terrorists. On Israel's northern border with Lebanon, where Hezbollah continues to launch rocket attacks into Israel, the IDF was doing something pretty eye-popping and straight out of The Lord of the Rings. 


A trébuchet? How awesome is that? 

Oh, but wait. It gets better. 

As if using an advanced catapult from the Middle Ages wasn't cool enough, next the IDF broke out the bows and flaming arrows.

We're not sure if that was Legolas dressed in modern military gear, but we hope so. Maybe it was Hawkeye. 

When the first video surfaced, many people were wondering why Israel was using these ancient weapons. The tweet above answers the question in part and Marina Medvin provided more details as well. 


The tweet continues: 

The area at the Lebanese border is characterized by dense thorn vegetation, which poses a challenge to the IDF forces. The burning is likely intended to expose the area to facilitate the identification of terrorists who would try to reach the Israeli border, as well as to prepare for possible IDF ground activity in Lebanon.

OK, so that answers the question about the purpose of the fire, but why trébuchets and bows? 

There's a simple answer for that too: 

Makes sense to us. Also, because medieval weapons like trébuchets and bows are badass. 

Or, in the words of Marsellus Wallace: 

As you can imagine, Twitter was equally impressed with the IDF's choice of weaponry. 

Right? That's what we said. 


LOL. The Château de Coucy might still be standing today if there were just a few more trébuchets launching flaming bombs. 

Now THERE'S an idea. 

But we bet you WISH you did. 


It got us all hot and bothered here at Twitchy. 

And let's not forget the bows. Also very effective, if perhaps not as visually impressive. 

We're just waiting for the Riders of Rohan to appear in the distance over the horizon. 


IDF dudes rock HARD. 

If not Ridley Scott, then definitely Richard Donner. 

Not the best Michael Crichton-based movie, but it had some pretty cool battles. 

HA. We'd play that game. 

Our thoughts exactly, Magneto. 

In all seriousness, Israel is fighting for its very existence against terrorists who want them wiped off the face of the earth. As far as we're concerned, if medieval weapons will help them get the job done, more power to them. 

In other words: 


Yeah. What Maximus said. 

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