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It's a Marxist Cult: 24-Hour Fitness Provides List of 'Approved' Flair for Team Members


There really can be no doubt anymore that everything associated with gender ideology -- including 'pride month' -- is simply a cult. More and more homosexual people are coming out every day, saying they want nothing to do with it, and more and more parents are beginning to see what 'family friendly' pride displays mean for their children. 


That's pretty disgusting. 

Now, however, 'pride' doesn't just mean oversexualized displays of debauchery in front of children, it also means you have to be anti-American.

This morning, Libs of TikTok promoted a report from Carlos Turcios who revealed internal memos from 24-Hour Fitness. The documents stated that team members are welcome to 'be their authentic selves' when displaying flair on their clothing ... as long as that flair was 'inclusive.' In other words, as long as it is related to woke causes like 'pride' or BLM. 

But displaying the American flag? Sorry, that's only acceptable on 'approved' holidays. 

If you can't read the screenshot, it lists 'approved expressions,' including Black Lives Matter, 'Pride,' and Juneteenth. But here is the last bullet point:

  • Flag or United States logo -- on holidays such as Memorial Day, Flag Day, July 4th, Veterans Day, Patriots Day, etc. If other occasions come up where team members would like the opportunity for personal expression, please consult with your GM and/or line manager.

That's right. Your supervisor has to approve you wearing a U.S. flag pin on any day not designated as acceptable. But hey, at least you don't need that approval on Memorial Day to honor Americans who sacrificed their lives in war. That's nice of you, 24-Hour Fitness. 

Of course, it gets much worse than that. In Turcios' original report, he shows other internal documents where the fitness chain MANDATES that all team members be able to use whatever bathroom, shower, or locker room they choose, regardless of sex. 

The last document shows that team members are not allowed to wear any political slogans (umm, what is 'BLM'?) and can't even wear items in support of the U.S. Olympics or Paralympics. WTF?

24-Hour Fitness even goes so far as to stomp all over the Constitutional rights of its patrons and team members: 


But this comment in one of the memos may be the most sinister of all: 

The only good news out of this story is Turcios himself, who is a 22-year-old Latino man, which makes us believe there is hope for Gen Z yet. 

(And if you paid attention to the recent elections in Europe, there are a lot of young people who are completely done with gender ideology.)

We can't imagine any woman who would want to patronize or work at either location, given these dictates. 

The blatant degradation of women -- and of America and patriotism -- is repugnant. 


We could have sworn people warned about this (maybe even a current Republican presidential candidate) when the left started tearing down statues of Robert E. Lee and other Confederate historical figures. We were assured they wouldn't come after anything else, right? 


It IS a religion, a secular one, but we much prefer the more accurate term, 'cult.'

Let 24-Hour Fitness have a customer base exclusively made up of trans activists and let's see how long they stay in business (since none of those people seem to go to a gym ... ever). 

This was not a remotely controversial statement until about 5 seconds ago in America. 

We've said it before and we will say it again: 'woke' is nothing more than cultural Marxism. And a free and prosperous America is the sworn enemy of Marxists. 


We don't want to say 'It's time to start taking this seriously' because we know so many Americans already are. But it's definitely time for ALL Americans who love our country to start taking this more seriously. 

Now, THAT would be a sight to behold. 

They're not even TRYING to hide it anymore. 


Matt Walsh calls predictions like this often and he is very rarely wrong. 

In all probability, just like Bud Light, this agenda is being driven by a very small group of people at 24-Hour Fitness who are the true cultural Marxists. But the entire company leadership is going along with it. There is a term for that in the history of Marxism. 

'Useful idiots.'

And just like Jennifer Aniston's character flipped off her boss for mandating her flair in the movie Office Space, it's time for Americans to show the useful idiots at 24-Hour Fitness the stupid prizes they will win for playing their stupid, anti-American games. 

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