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Planned Parenthood Forced to Turn Off Replies (Again) for Pushing 'Abortion Is Healthcare' Lie

Meme screenshot

We report a lot of bad news for you here at Twitchy and that kind of sucks. We're sorry about it, but that's what happens when we live in Clown WorldTM

But once in a while, we get to temper that bad news with some very good news. And that's what we have this morning in the form of Planned Parenthood. Or, more accurately, the response to Planned Parenthood.


The bad news won't surprise you. The other day, Planned Parenthood Action tried to push out the 'Abortion is health care' lie yet again, this time in the form of just the cringest of memes. Take a look: 

'Facts.' Ugh. 

Will the left ever learn to meme? We doubt it. They don't understand the purpose of memes, so they will always get them wrong. 

But here's the good news. No one, and we mean NO ONE, is buying what Planned Parenthood is selling anymore. And we're pretty sure that includes normal people (a.k.a., not the far left) who might be pro-choice, but don't believe in celebrating and canonizing abortion. 

Planned Parenthood Action has half a million followers on Twitter. Two days after sending this tweet, they had received almost no positive engagement and were forced to turn off replies (which is becoming increasingly common for far-left accounts) after getting buried under an avalanche of responses calling them monsters. 

You love to see it.

Here are some of the best replies and QTs that shunned Planned Parenthood into retreat: 

Well, that gets us off to a pretty good start. Only an idiot would claim that ending a child's life is 'healthcare.'


All of this. There was a time, and not too long ago, when the right would cave to these claims. Then, as they do, the left kept pushing. Abortion was no longer supposed to be 'safe, legal, and rare,' as Bill Clinton claimed. It became something to be celebrated, to be performed at any time for any reason. The left wanted to use abortion as birth control and make ridiculous 'healthcare' claims.

Yeah, conservatives aren't backing down anymore in the face of that kind of evil. 

See what we mean? 

Are you seeing the general theme of the responses yet? This was not going well for Planned Parenthood. And their ridiculous meme wasn't helping matters. 


They really are horrible at it. Fortunately, Twitter helped them with some actual effective memes. 

Get 'em, goose. 

As the left loves to say, it's 'settled science' (which is accurate in this case, unlike 'climate change'). Why are they committed to denying science?

The left loves to talk about abortion. They HATE to talk about abortion procedures. Because they are monstrous. 

Warning: the following video is very uncomfortable to watch. 

Sorry for showing that, but everyone pushing abortion on demand needs to watch it. 


Quite literally, with abortion. 

We're not sure if 'serial killers' or 'mass murderers' is the more appropriate description for Planned Parenthood. We're OK with using either or both. 

They 'read the room' after two days, that's for sure. That's why they locked down the tweet. 

The left loves to co-opt language and make words mean what they want them to mean. The right is finished letting them get away with it. 


Oh, we haven't even talked about all of the accusations against Planned Parenthood of selling the body parts of aborted fetuses. They deny it but in the Dobbs case, Harmeet Dhillon filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court documenting it

And that pretty much sums it up. 

No matter what Planned Parenthood says, or how many cringe memes they create, more than 96 percent of abortions have NOTHING to do with 'health care.' They have everything to do with convenience. Except being murdered isn't very convenient for the babies. 

As Planned Parenthood would say, 'That's facts.'

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