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Fetterman 2.0 Intensifies: Senator Refuses to Wear Harvard Hood at Yeshiva University Graduation

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Yeshiva University in New York City held its 2024 commencement ceremony on May 29. As perhaps the most prominent Orthodox Jewish university in America, you would think it could take its pick among prominent Jewish politicians or public figures to invite to speak at its ceremony.


It is a pretty strong statement about the state of the Democrat party that Yeshiva did not invite New York Senator and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, or California Congressman Adam Schiff, or Florida Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, all household names. 

Instead, Yeshiva invited a Christian from Pennsylvania, Senator John Fetterman to receive its highest honor for global leadership, the Presidential Medallion. It's not difficult to understand why. We have written frequently at Twitchy about Fetterman's steadfast, unwavering support not only of Israel but also of Jewish Americans who are being subject to some of the most open and vile antisemitism since World War II. 

While politicians like Schumer have disgraced themselves by publicly calling for the resignation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during an active war, Fetterman's message has been simple: 'I stand with Israel. I stand with the Jewish people.'

Yesterday, Fetterman showed the students and faculty at Yeshiva why the honor they gave him was well-earned. Watch: 


'I was putting together my speech and I started to reflect the way probably all of you do. I was reflecting on where was my last graduation. That was literally a quarter century ago, 25 years ago, and I was graduating from Harvard University. But today, but today, I have been profoundly disappointed [by] Harvard's inability to stand up for the Jewish community after October 7. And for me, personally, I do not believe that it's right for me to wear this today.'


The standing ovation was immediate and deserved. In that one moment, Fetterman showed Yeshiva what leadership and courage are. 

Not only did Fetterman suffer a stroke shortly before the 2022 election, but he also was hospitalized a little more than a year ago for depression. 

Maybe some other Democrats could seek out treatment for whatever it is that is preventing them from finding the moral courage that Fetterman clearly has. 

No one even comes close. 

You're not alone there. We won't shy away from the fact that at Twitchy, we have had more than a little fun at Fetterman's expense since his election, especially for the way he dresses. His continued support of Jews, however, commands nothing but our utmost respect. 


In true Fetterman form though, he DID wear shorts to the commencement ceremony under his robes, LOL.

More significantly and seriously than that, he wore a bracelet showing his solidarity with everyone who was massacred and taken hostage at the Nova music festival on October 7. 

We could probably count on one hand the number of other Democrat politicians, even Jewish ones, who wear the same bracelet. And have some fingers left over. 

Fetterman was embraced by Yeshiva University president Rabbi Ari Berman and the school students, as they danced together to 'Geshmak to be a Yid' after the ceremony. 

'Geshmak to be a Yid' means 'Fantastic [or fun or blessed] to be a Jew.'


We can understand why. We are too. 

These are words we'd never thought people would say about Fetterman. But he has earned them, no question about it. 

We're sure we will disagree with him many times and on many issues. This is not one of those issues. 


If Harvard were still worthy of its name, it would take Fetterman's words and actions yesterday to heart and start doing some serious self-reflection on the travesty that once-esteemed university has become. 

We're not holding our breath for that to happen. 

But one thing is clear: the faculty and students at Yeshiva University could not have chosen a better man to honor and speak at their commencement this year. 

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